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Modern Sans Serif Fonts – An Old yet Versatile Design Pairs

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Known for its nicety, vividity, and compact attributes, sans-serif font is a go-to font choice for diverse kinds of visual designs. Even though some people consider this font to be a monotonous type, in the 18th century, the swanky version of the classic typeface, modern fonts hit the globe, allowing modern sans-serif font to soar ever since.  

Despite being old, this typeface is instilled as pertinent today through the application of a wide range of designs, proving that this is an all-around font. Let’s discuss how the aforementioned font lasts for a long time and is applicable over time!

Modern Sans Serif Fonts

Characteristics of Modern Sans Serif Font

The modern version of sans-serif is recognized to be bold and fancy. Yet, in the realm of typography, this breaking-through typeface remains familiar to its original attributes, which are sleek, on-point, clear, minimalist shapes. So, what makes it labeled as modern? There are key characteristics of modern fonts, as summed up from Kinsta and Site Point pages. 

1. In modern typeface, the direction of the strokes in the characters’ shape, or the letter, is vertical. This might seem trivial to the layman. Yet, designers know there are significant differences when the direction is diagonal, for instance. 

2. Modern fonts have high-pitched strokes that contrast, which makes the letters appear bolder and more distinctive. 

3. Unbracketed serif is also a key attribute of modern fonts. You may even find a similar serif shape in this contemporary sans-serif typeface. 

4. The typeface’s letter build is generally more geometrical and plumb, even if they were cursive fonts. 

Along with all those characteristics, modern typeface tends to be challenging in terms of their readability. Therefore, the modern sans-serif or serif font is better for large-sized text, such as headlines. No wonder designers should pay more attention when putting them in the designs. 

How to Optimize Its Functionality

Keep in mind that modern sans-serif typefaces usually still provide adequate readability. Yet, there are certain aspects that you need to consider to optimize its application. Otherwise, the text overpowers other design elements and ruins everything, including the message you want to convey to your audience. Note the following tips!

1. Context

It’s about what kind of text you need to highlight. Remember that modern sans-serif font has a bold appearance. Thus, it is more appropriate to put it on a large block of text that encompasses headlines or titles. Avoid applying it as a body text.

2. Audience

Mind about your design’s audience. If the audience is children or elderly, it is best to go with the modest and minimalist modern font and get rid of the ones with ornament or contour that might perturb the sight. 

3. Apply Approportioned Hierarchy

This simple move can be a strong game-changer. A structured hierarchy combination of font size and color helps to increase readability while adding an impressive magnetism to your holistic design. Try to use a simpler sans-serif font as a font for copying text with modern sans-serif font as the headlines. 

7 Modern Sans Serif Fonts for Neoteric Visual Design

The following list of kinda old yet versatile modern sans-serif fonts is ready to pep up any kind of visual design project you have in mind. Delve deeper into each one of them below!

1. Faculty

Modern Sans Serif Fonts

This is a one-of-a-kind typeface in the family of sans-serif you might ever see! While preserving the fundamental minimalism of sans-serif, Faculty strikes the eyes with the touch of eccentric character letter shapes. 

Look at the proportioned delicate contrast of each of its lines and strokes, which smoothly carries a unique appearance. Faculty typeface is a major match for display, headlines, posters, or signage designs. 

2. Work News

Modern Sans Serif Fonts

If you are working on design projects for websites, banners, or headers that command you to highlight certain lines of words, go for a condensed typeface choice. Graphicxell has crafted a bold and expressive modern sans-serif called Work News for your pick. 

Whilst stretched out tall, the characters also have a rounded shape that provides robust contrast, and they harmonize the tight kerning between the characters. Thus, you still get a chance for adequate readability. 

3. Doing

Modern Sans Serif Fonts

The third recommendation on the list might seem mundane. However, the longer you look at it, the more pleasing the characters are in your eyes. All of the letter shapes are symmetrical with vivid and firm strokes. The uniqueness of the Doing typeface lies in the edge shape of specific characters, such as (E), (F), (J), (L), (S), and (T). 

Since it also supports multilanguage, this contemporary sans-serif typeface family is a versatile font you should use in advertising, logos, or even quotes designed for social media. 

4. Makes

Modern Sans Serif Fonts

Graphicxell also proves that sans-serif can also be decorative through Makes typeface design. Makes Sans-Serif typeface have that spartan look embellished with a creative contour which brings a fresh and edgy flare. 

This font looks good on posters and websites and is also a great deal for games, magazines, and branding design elements. 

5. Blue Sky

Modern Sans Serif Fonts

Searching for a sans-serif typeface with a serif style? It’s possible with the Blue Sky typeface! At a glance, you won’t notice a touch of serif in its lowercase. Yet, the uppercase of (C), (G), and (S), and lowercase for (Z), has a tiny edge that looks similar to a tail in serif’s typeface. 

Besides those unique designs, Blue Sky also looks like a carved font with lines that form each letter’s strokes, giving it a comical tone. Apply this unique typeface in designs of stationary, covers, videos, or cards to bring more creative vibes in an elegant approach. 

6. Sartica

Modern Sans Serif Fonts

Stencil font was born around 1937, which makes it classic and similar to sans-serif font. Graphicxell combined the sans-serif font modest strokes design with stencil font character to carve Sartica

Although not all of Sartica’s letters have that slits of gaps between their strokes, when appearing in certain letters, it instills the stencil font identity. The design uniquely looks more futuristic and modern than old. Optimize the branding of fashion or sports visual designs with Sartica for a robust look!

7. Going

Modern Sans Serif Fonts

This modern sans-serif font’s quirky lettering softens the ‘formal’ attribute of the original sans-serif typeface. If you pay attention to the details, the high contrast of rounded strokes brings a more relaxed tone to the lettering. Some letters have pointy edges, and some are wedgy, which makes the letters more characterful and distinctive. 

Going typeface is a versatile, solid font choice for product and photography designs, posters, or banners. 

The list has revealed limitless variations of a modern sans-serif font. Beyond that, what makes this modern font still captivating is the delicate minimalist and professional characteristics it has, even in the most comical style. 

By stealing the exquisite style of modern font and considering the context, audience, and hierarchy of the aforementioned typeface, you can create a boundless design project that captures the audience.

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