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How Beautiful Handwriting Fonts Humanize and Benefit Your Designs

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In contrast to digitalization, which is synonymous with anything edgy and futuristic, the handwriting typeface ignites and pierces through this so-called tech age. More and more natural-looking and beautiful handwriting fonts are created and picked for designs and marketing. 

There is something typical about this typeface that makes it more appealing and beneficial. The discussion in this post unfolds how the elements of handwriting typeface transform varied visual design projects into more human than ever. Don’t forget to see some of our picks of fancy handwriting typefaces wrapped only for you!

Handwriting Fonts

Diverse Classifications of Handwriting Fonts

Broadly speaking, handwriting fonts are fonts that were digitally or handmade and designed using writing tools, such as brush, chalk, pen, or pencil. These fonts include the ones with cursives and those with no cursives between each letter, resembling sans-serif typeface. In fact, under both of them, there are five other types of handwriting typefaces, as explained briefly below. 

1. Calligraphy Typeface

You can notice immediately a calligraphy typeface by its ornate detailing. This type of handwriting generally has alternates and ligatures and swashes in the final and initial edges. 

2. Chalk Handwriting Font

What makes the chalk handwriting type different is the texture. Since it’s crafted to appear like someone writes using chalk, thus there are grainy or powdery textures in the letter designs. 

3. Brush Typeface

Fonts in brush-typeface type have brush texture and often appear with strong contrast in the characters’ strokes. 

4. Monoline Font

If you adore typefaces with a tidy and clean look, Monoline typefaces are yours. The letters look vintage, yielded by the same vertical and horizontal line thickness.

5. Signature Typeface

This one is the most synonymous with people’s actual handwriting. The signature font has various styles, from letters in a slanted or robust upright to letters with low or strong contrast, cursive, or sans-serif. 

Why Choosing Beautiful Handwriting Fonts Over Others?

Each kind of handwriting font type mentioned above is continuously hitting the trend. Specifically, marketing also embeds this font as a branding element. Why? Learn about the reason as follows. 

1. Convey Authenticity

While, in general, any handwriting typeface has that particular characteristic, beautiful handwriting fonts mostly look authentic. The slanted style, textures, contrast, and slight cursive deem a personalized and more human touch. These attributes evoke your audience’s emotions, which are crucial in terms of today’s marketing strategy. 

2. Produce Engaging Atmosphere

Handwriting fonts have distinguishing shapes that help your copy or text bulge out from the crowd and attract attention. Although sometimes intricating, the touch or cursive has a positive impact on readability. By and large, it creates an engagement between you and your audience once they see the text in handwriting typeface.  

6 Beautiful Handwriting Fonts for Engaging Designs

You have numerous choices of handwriting fonts, from script to signature or child handwriting fonts, which will enliven your designs with a distinctive soul. The following list of handwriting typefaces is ready to beautify your designs. 

1. Foundation Signature Font

Handwriting Fonts

One of the beautiful handwriting fonts in this list is Foundation by Graphicxell. Each letter is slanted, which makes them similar to real handwriting fonts. Another aspect that makes this font look prettier is the subtle yet vivid contrast of the strokes. 

Foundation has that warm tone with a classy flare, which will transform designs of invitations, products, gifts, wallpapers, or even fashion textiles to appear more romantic and sweet. 

2. Haverlly Switch Script Font

Handwriting Fonts

Retro fonts have also been a long-time partner with handwriting typefaces. Both make a versatile, bold, stylish element to embellish varied design projects. If you are in the mood for this kind of hand letter font, pick Haverlly Switch Script font! This font has loose and swift character shapes with slanted directions, which gives it a casual look. 

Combine the lowercase and uppercase letters with swashes for bolder and catchy copy headlines. With a creative combination, you can create a remarkable social media post, greeting cards, logos, or other branding materials you need for a business. 

3. Numberlin Ordinary

Handwriting Fonts

Calligraphy font won’t fail you if you fancy classical style for your designs. Some calligraphy typefaces can be challenging to read, especially with intricating swashes or ligatures.

However, Numberlin Ordinary has what you need from beautiful handwriting fonts! There is less contrast in the lettering strokes, while the axis is not too diagonal but tilts slightly to bring the handwriting character. 

The swashes glued to the lowercase and uppercase are loose in an adequate amount to decorate the letters in a moderate way. Numberlin Ordinary Calligraphy font is a gem addition to your product designs (especially luxurious or feminine ones), quotes, photography, or card designs. 

4. Peanut Butter

Handwriting Fonts

Need tidy and clean handwriting typeface? Peanut Butter is the answer, then! The cursive letters of this typeface were carved in a delicate and flowy way. No high contrast in the strokes, yet you can see that they are bold, sufficient to boast elegance. 

You can opt for this handwriting font for menu books, product packaging, invitation cards or t-shirts, and casual fashion branding designs. 

5. Tahu!

Handwriting Fonts

Tahu Font nailed it as one of the beautiful handwriting fonts with brush-like strokes. The explicit contrast of each lettering stroke looks classy when constructed into a word or full text.

Put this font as the centered wording in the logo, use it to describe your name on a business card, or blow your quotes on social media and posters with this font to get fancy text designs. 

6. The Constellation

Handwriting Fonts

The last on this list leaves an impressive flare. The Constellation typeface has pointy edges in almost all of its letters, both in upper and lowercase, which reveals modernity. In addition, with an adequate portion of contrast in the letter’s stroke, this font sets a masculine vibe. 

The Constellation could be paired as branding elements for luxurious brands, men’s and outdoor products, and it could also be a nice deal for wedding invitations or designs. 

Since today’s businesses are challenging, companies need to ‘play’ with their audience’s emotions to capture their attention with something that resonates with theirs. 

Beautiful handwriting fonts have an authentic feel that attracts people’s emotions. It makes them feel a certain connection, evokes particular memories, and marks a familiarity or intimacy. It’s all that makes this typeface popular for marketing and accommodates businesses to knock this objective off smoothly.

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